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Everyone is Talking About This Supposedly Heartwarming McDonald’s Commercial

Everyone is Talking About This Supposedly Heartwarming McDonald’s Commercial

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The commercial premiered during the NFL playoffs, and features signs of encouragement and support under the famous golden arches

McDonald’s tries to refurbish its image by focusing on the “lovin’” part of “I’m lovin’ it.”

McDonald’s newest television ad, straight out of its brand image revival playbook was meant to bring a tear to our eye, but ended up causing a lot of eye-rolling instead. The commercial, dubbed “Signs” which premiered during an NFL playoff game this Sunday and was also broadcasted during the Golden Globes, features a montage of those ubiquitous changeable letter signs (some have old fashioned block letters, others are the more modern scrolling LED types) under the golden arches, that offer words of encouragement and support (“Boston Strong” and “We Remember 9/11”) set to a choral version of Fun’s “Carry On.”

The commercial was clearly supposed to stir our hearts, and imbue McDonald’s with the power to comfort. But, as it turns out, not many people were “lovin’ it.” The commercial provoked more than a few snarky remarks.

Maybe instead of making that horrifyingly cynical #GoldenGlobes commercial, McDonald's could pay employees a living wage? #ImNotLovingIt

— Eugene Mirman (@EugeneMirman) January 12, 2015

McDonald's you are shameless. This commercial is selling Big Macs on the backs of tragedies. I really wish companies would stop that.

— Dan Slott (@DanSlott) January 12, 2015

That new McDonald's commercial is heartwarming, has me in tears all the way to Chipotle.

— Zach Strauss (@Z_Strauss) January 12, 2015

McDonald’s has explained that the point of the commercial was to "continue to tell the story of McDonald's that it plays a role in the communities we serve," Joel Yashinsky, U.S. vice president of marketing told Ad Age. McDonald’s has confirmed that they will be running an ad during the Super Bowl along the same vein of this image revamp.

Stars Who Can't Stand Oprah

Oprah Winfrey is so universally beloved that after her blockbuster acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes in January 2018, there was speculation that she might actually run for President of the United States in 2020. Several big-name stars, including Meryl Streep, Steven Spielberg, and Tom Hanks, actually endorsed the idea.

That said, not everyone is a fan of The Big O. In fact, at some point or another, the following celebs couldn't stand Winfrey — and a lot of them still can't stomach the talk show hostess turned inspirational guru.

It's safe to assume that Winfrey may not get Seal's vote in the next election cycle. Just days after the Golden Globes in January 2018, the singer posted a meme on Instagram consisting of several photos of Winfrey cozying up to Harvey Weinstein, including one in which it appears Winfrey is pushing singer Rita Ora toward the disgraced movie mogul and alleged serial sexual harasser and rapist.

Seal captioned the images, "Oh I forgot, that's right . you'd heard the rumors but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young starry-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad." The meme itself read, "When you have been part of the problem for decades, but suddenly they all think you're the solution."

Why You Should Never Eat Like Donald Trump

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As the election cycle progresses, many people are shocked with the mass of support that Donald Trump has managed to gain. His opponents are just as vocal. We at Bro Spoon have our own reasons for opposition, ones that aren’t as widely discussed in the media: his atrocious food habits.


Photo courtesy of

Pizza is not a difficult food. You pick it up, maybe fold it , and put it in your mouth. Pretty standard qualification to be considered a normal human being. Yet, somehow, a prominent businessman from New York ( supposedly the mecca of pizza ) managed to screw up this basic concept.

Trump is on the record as saying, “I scrape the toppings off my pizza — I never eat the dough.” This means that every slice of pizza he eats is transformed into a stupid cheese casserole that should never have earned the title of pizza in the first place.


Photo courtesy of

The dude’s obsessed with McDonald’s. He claims to be worth billions of dollars, but he prefers heart attack-inducing fast food. Even wors e, he once said that his favorite menu item was the “fish delight,” which doesn’t actually exist. If you go to Mickey D’s, at least get a Big Mac and fries.

This is just more great advice from the Trump campaign on how to live a healthy, happy and American lifestyle. What an excellent role model. No wonder our country is obese.


Photo courtesy of

Now, any self-respecting bro is obviously a huge steak fan, so off the bat we should admire this initiative. Supposedly they were even sourced from a specialty meat company, and we’re all about special meat.

When Trump the Master Businessman goes to market his special meat, it should be easy. Everyone loves steak. But for some reason, our friend Donald decided to sell his steaks at the Sharper Image. This store specializes in massage chairs and air purifiers. Air purifiers.

We may not be master chefs, but there’s something wrong with buying steaks alongside specialty appliances. Steak should be bought with bacon and steak sauce. The fact that The Sharper Image sells neither of those should have been a major red flag.

Donald Trump’s favorite food is meatloaf. Yes, the meatloaf that is literally the scraps of meat too shitty for real cuts of meat shoved together into a weird amalgamation only edible with sauce. Most of us only tolerate this when we can’t afford regular meat. Donald seeks it out, possibly because he is too ashamed of his history with steak.


Photo courtesy of

If you eat like a bro , you love to drink. Even though Donald sounds like he’s had enough cocktails to intoxicate a large bear, he says he has never had an alcoholic drink. While we could never hate someone for deciding not to drink (for the same reason we don’t cuss out every vegetarian we meet), a hypocritical red flag is raised by Trump Vodka.

This company bore Trump’s name and, just like his steak endeavor, flushed itself down the toilet. A businessman with poor taste in food and an aversion to drinking decides to start a vodka company. The founding bros are rolling over in their graves.

The Most Famous And Greatest Food Quotes Of All Time

The next best thing to eating food, is talking about it. And we've all done our fair share of that -- us food editors especially. But there are some people who love food so much, who think about food in just the right way, that they articulate what we've always felt but haven't been able to eloquently put into words. Those people -- like M.F.K. Fisher and Julia Child -- are heroes, not only for the good work they've done, but for the great quotes they have left behind.

Check out our favorite food quotes and share yours in the comments below.

“If you're afraid of butter, use cream." -Julia Child

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” -M.F.K. Fisher

"Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first." -Ernestine Ulmer

"Age and glasses of wine should never be counted." -Unknown

"In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, in water there is bacteria." -David Auerbach

"Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures." -M.F.K. Fisher

"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food." -Paul Prudhomme

“I have made a lot of mistakes falling in love, and regretted most of them, but never the potatoes that went with them." -Nora Ephron

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." -Julia Child

"I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food." -W.C. Fields

"We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly." -Anna Thomas

"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand." -Barbara Johnson

"People who love to eat are always the best people. - Julia Child"

"My doctor told me I had to stop throwing intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people." -Orson Welles

"The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside." -Mark Twain

“It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato." -Lewis Grizzard

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." -George Bernard Shaw

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." -Virginia Woolf

"If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart." -Cesar Chavez

"My weaknesses have always been food and men -- in that order." - Dolly Parton

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." -J.R.R. Tolkien

"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all." -Harriet van Horne

“He was a bold man that first ate an oyster." - Jonathan Swift

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” -Alan D. Wolfelt

"Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread and pumpkin pie." -Jim Davis

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast."
-John Gunther

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The A-Team provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Abandoned War Child: "The Sound of Thunder" has the Team hired by season-long adversary General Fullbright, who learned he has a child from the Vietnam War.
  • Accent Adaptation: One episode has the gang supposedly going to Barcelona, Spain to foil a plane hijacking by unspecified Terrorists Without a Cause. Their plan includes Murdock infiltrating the plane by posing as a Spanish co-pilot, so he speaks English with a Spanish accent and throws a lot of Gratuitous Spanish. In the Spanish dub, Murdock speaks in this scene with a Catalan accent, which is both unexpected and hilarious.
  • Ace Pilot: Murdock. If it has wings, he can fly it. . and he might even be able to land it safely!
  • Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene: Believe it or not, the series had a few of these. The most notable is the season 4 finale, involving their pursuer General Fullbright enlisting their help to go back to Vietnam to find his illegitimate daughter. The humor of the show is replaced by a somber mood, as the team reflects on their experiences in Vietnam.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • In an episode with a science fiction con, a guy in a original Galactica Cylon suit walks past "Face". In the episode in question, it's actually Hannibal in the costume. The Actor Allusion was all Dirk Benedict's idea. While filming at Universal Studios for the second season episode "Steel", Dirk spotted a park employee dressed as a Cylon, and decided he wanted to film a little nod to his days as Starbuck. The director told him it was a dumb idea, but let him do it anyway. So, they had the Cylon-clad actor stroll nonchalantly across the frame while Face was all "don't I know you?" Fortunately for Dirk, the scene ended up being quite funny and they kept it in the credits up to season 5.
    • There were also allusions to George Peppard and his previous roles:
      • Hannibal's off-kilter words of wisdom in episodes such as "The Big Squeeze" seem like exaggerations of similar quotes he said as Thomas Banacek in Banacek.
      • In the episode "The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas", Amy mentions that it's a shame Hannibal's being chased by the military as he is "a terrific actor" after Hannibal goes to great lengths explaining how he'll play his "character", a reference to Peppard's infamously stringent adherence to method acting, even when playing unchallenging roles.
        In the Season 2 premiere, "Diamonds 'n Dust", Murdock uses this to insult a South African store owner when he's pretending to be a English officer ("Col. Lexington") as he and Face try to "confiscate" some dynamite:
      • Face and Murdock especially seem to be this. They have a very effective tag-team fighting style.
      • Doubly so for Murdock and B.A. They usually drive each other nuts, but together they are a force of nature.
      • Quite a lot in "Blood, Sweat, and Cheers," given the episode's focus on stock car racing. Most notably, a scene taking place just before a race shows the villain's car with a large "Firestom" logo, even using a slightly fancier version of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company font.
      • In "Members Only" the country club that the episode revolves around is host to a number of famous people including "Sikorski", the head of "BiStar Pictures".
      • Far too many little, unarmed Mooks pick a fight with B.A.
      • The villains of the week, even having received a sample of the A-Team's handiwork (not to mention the ones who know who they are from the start), never call it a day while the damage is minimal they insist on provoking them further by threatening them or their clients. It never ends well.
      • "Incident at Crystal Lake". After Colonel Decker has been getting a bit too close, the team goes to the titular Crystal Lake national park for a relaxing vacation, but instead runs into a crew of crooks fresh off an armored car robbery. At the end the team agrees that busting bad guys is more fun than any vacation could ever be anyway.
      • "Without Reservations" had General Stockwell grant the team 2 weeks without any assignments. Murdock invites Face and Frankie to his new job at an Italian restaurant, which gets everyone there held hostage by mobsters. It took B.A. ordering a pizza to stop them.
      • "Deadly Maneuvers" had a syndicate of crime lords pay Major Douglas Kyle to assemble a Dream Team of mercenaries to hunt down the A-Team.
      • Also Insane Wayne and his team from "Waiting for Insane Wayne," a team of mercenaries-for-hire who the team briefly impersonates then ends up fighting, though they're not nearly as bad as Kyle and his team.
      • Face, the Handsome Lech who can con anyone out of anything and is often seen with a woman on each arm.
      • Subverted by Murdock in "Blood, Sweat, and Cheers". He manages to pull it off while impersonating billionaire playboy Giancarlo Figorrati, though it's really all thanks to Face speaking for him while he rambles nonsensically in broken Italian.
      • B.A, any time he thinks the others will try to get him to fly: "I ain't goin' on no airplane!" (or some variation)
      • Hannibal, about something turning out right (sometimes by chance): "I love it when a plan comes together."
      • Hannibal's standardized greeting, "What do ya say, [name]?"
      • The Chick:
        • Amy Amanda "Triple A" Allen, a newspaper reporter who assisted the team in the first season and part of the second. She was eventually sent to Jakarta "on assignment" when conflicts between Culea and the producers led to her departure (either by firing or her simply getting fed up at having no dialog).
        • The role of The Chick was next filled by Suspiciously Similar Substitute, Tawnia Baker, for the rest of season 2 and early portions of season 3 before she got married and moved to LA, with no new actress brought in to fill the archetype for the rest of the series.
        • The new character of Tia was set up at the very end of Season 4 to become this, but due to the actress's contractual obligations, she was never seen or mentioned again.
        • According to both Dirk Benedict and George Peppard, Triple A and her counterpart were there only because of studio demands, and the male leads felt that a female on the show slowed the action down too much.
        • This trope was actually the reason George Peppard was so insistent on keeping women off the show. In his words:
        • In one episode, the team jury-rig a flamethrower, but fail to jury-rig a pilot light. Instead the instructions are: throw the cigar in front of you, then open up.
        • In Without Reservations, Hannibal gets an idea when he sees a gas stove and leaves it running, then throws his lit cigar in the kitchen as a distraction.
        • This is also what forced the team into hiding. "The Crime They Didn't Commit" was eventually revealed to be a bank robbery in Hanoi, Vietnam, which they were in fact ordered to do, but the man who gave them the order was killed and all evidence of his orders destroyed.
        • In the fifth season premiere, they were cleared of the robbery when a former Vietnamese colonel testified in their court-martial that their commanding officer sent them to rob a bank in order for them to be captured by the North Vietnamese . Of course, by that time the A-Team was being tried for the murder of their commanding officer .
        • Colonel Decker, the second Colonel who tries to catch the team and somewhat more competent than Lynch. He was picked for the job because of his unorthodox warfare techniques.
        • In "The Only Church In Town" the Mother Superior of the orphanage the team saves is quite unhappy with the Team using force to drive off the bandits terrorizing them. This is because the bandits are just a small squad from a much larger gang and angering them means the rest of the gang will return and try to destroy the orphanage.
        • In "Harder Than It Looks" when the team rescues a girl from the terrorist group holding her hostage she fights them every step of the way and even holds them at gunpoint and demands they take her back. Her boyfriend is a member of the group, who has been questioning their methods and she knows the group's leaders are just looking for an excuse to off him. She's worried they'll think he helped her escape and kill him.
        • In "Deadly Maneuvers", Murdock borrows one of B.A.'s necklaces (a sharp crescent moon) to cut their ropes and free them. In the process he inadvertently implies that B.A. is fat and also accidentally breaks the gold chain to the necklace, both of which B.A. complains about.
        • In "Hot Styles" a large part of the plot revolves around the Damsel in Distress's unwillingness to let Face and his friends save her. It turns out the villain is also holding her young son, and she's afraid he'll be hurt if she tries to escape.
        • The episode "Moving Targets" has the team knocking out B.A. (again) so they can get on a plane. This time however they're in the middle of a mission, so they can't wait for him to calm down. Hannibal decides that the only way to solve the problem is to let B.A. take his revenge on them after the mission is over, which Face and Murdock are horrified about. B.A. is creepily cheerful throughout the rest of the episode, and the Team dreads what he'll do to them. Finally, when it's all over, B.A. prepares to punish them. He lines them all up and calls them out on their flaws and why they annoy him. B.A. also reveals that instead of flying back, he's chartered a boat. As part of their payment, the rest of the team has to help with the upkeep as well as repaint the whole thing. The team decides they would've preferred if he had just beaten them up.
        • Also used to interrogate a villain in "Mind Games". Murdock, as the Casanova Wannabe "Hunk Man" offers to charm the information they want from the enemy. Hannibal suggests that this would be equally as torturous as simply letting B.A. beat the crap out of the guy.
        • Corrupt Hick: To judge from this show, every small town in rural America has an evil hick who exerts extra-judicial, feudal-like control over it, or had until the A-Team passed through.
        • Could Have Been Messy:
          • Every episode has a scene where the A-Team and their opponents exchange billions of rounds of gunfire. Nobody is ever shot. EVER.
          • Averted in the season four finale. Fullbright is fatally wounded by a Vietnamese general as the team makes their escape, and Hannibal retaliates by blowing up the shed he was in .
          • Well, there are the two times in which Murdock and Face get shot, but both times, only a single bullet is fired.
          • And in the first scene of the episode "Pros and Cons" (involving illegal prison fights), the warden strides up to the loser and points a gun at him - we don't see what happens next, but a rematch is unlikely.
          • Double Date: "The Trouble With Harry" features Face and Murdock attempting to go on a date with identical twins. It goes off the rails when Hannibal calls needing their assistance with the case.
          • Dub Name Change:
            • B.A. Baracus's first name and nickname was changed in several countries:
              • In Latin America is called Mario Baracus and is voiced by Mario Sauret.
              • For the French, B.A. is Barracuda.
              • In Italian, to keep the "bad attitude" pun, it's P.E. Baracus (short for "pessimo elemento", that is, "bad element").
              • In Japanese, B.A. Baracus keeps his original name, but is nicknamed "Kong". This is made clear in the opening credits, where each Japanese voice actor would do a short self-introduction (in character) when their character appeared on the screen. B.A.'s opening line translates as "B.A. Baracus, AKA Kong!"
              • In Latin America it was downplayed, as they named him "Faz", which besides sounding similar is actually Spanish for "face", albeit it was said to be a play on how "Faz" sounds similar to the "fas" in "fascinador" ("fascinater").
              • In Spain, his nickname was "Fénix" ("Phoenix").
              • In Italy he was called "Sberla" ("Slap"), standing for "Faccia da Sberle" ("Slapface"), an Italian slang for a lovable scoundrel.
              • In Brazil, his nickname was "Cara-de-Pau" (literally "Wooden face"), a Portuguese slang for "cheeky", "daring" or even "asshole".
              • In Poland, "Buźka" ("Cute face").
              • In France, "futé", which means "smart".
              • In Hungary, his name was "Szépfiú" ("Pretty boy").
              • In Russia, his name was "Красавчик", which stands for "handsome".
              • In Korea, his name was "멋쟁이", which stands for "handsome" or "stylish".
              • In Taiwan, his name was "小白", as in "小白臉", literally "little white face", a phrase used to describe a good-looking, pampered, and sleek man.
              • Evil Counterpart: The fake A-Team in "Showdown!", which only consisted of three members (there was no counterpart of Murdock, which offended him).
              • Even Evil Has Standards:
                • In the two-parter "The Bend In The River". The river pirate El Cajón is fine with sinking boats, robbing the passengers, and selling them into slavery. But then he discovers that his "business partners" are actually Nazi diehards who are trying to rebuild the Third Reich, prompting him to pull an instant Heel–Face Turn .
                • Mob boss Crazy Tommy Tillis in the episode "Steel" - whose list of crimes shown in the episode includes murder, tax evasion, and destruction of property - has this reaction upon discovering Face's propensity for cons. Face even lampshades it.
                • Also the mercenary Insane Wayne from "Waiting For Insane Wayne." Upon hearing that his target is already dead and the target's teenage son is the new target he initially refuses to take the job, and only changes his mind when he learns the A-Team is involved.
                • In the fifth season episode "The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair" the series paired Robert "Napoleon Solo" Vaughn (playing regular character General Hunt Stockwell) with former co-star David "Illya Kuryakin" McCallum.
                • The episode "The Spy who Mugged Me", with Murdock posing as a James Bond-like spy in a Monte Carlo casino.
                • The team were ordered by their commanding officer Morrison to rob the bank of Hanoi as part of a secret mission, but was then killed in an artillery strike and since the mission wasn't public knowledge the only people who knew the Team weren't just bank robbers were the Team themselves.
                • The second was when it was revealed Morrison had been a traitor and had sent them in to be ambushed and killed, which gave them motive for Morrison's death. The witness who could prove that they weren't responsible ends up being killed by his criminal partners before the truth could come out.
                • Colonel Lynch in Season 1, with a one-shot return in Season 3.
                • Colonel Decker in Seasons 2, 3 and the early episodes of season 4. Decker crosses into Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain territory, as he was the one who was most consistently a failure at catching them, and because of it never gets any respect from other characters.
                • Temporary Substitute Colonel Briggs in a single Season 3 episode.
                • General Fullbright in Season 4.
                • In "Till Death Do Us Part", Hannibal brings back hamburgers for the team and the woman they've rescued. B.A., having heard them talking about flying, looks at his burger with suspicion and switches with Murdock. Murdock takes a few bites and falls over, apparently sedated. B.A., confident in having outwitted his teammates, takes a bite of Murdock's burger. and falls over himself, whereupon Murdock pops up and asks, "How did I do?"
                • B.A. is aware of this in another episode, as he continuously switches hamburgers with his team by guessing what Hannibal would be thinking at that point. He eats the drugged burger after deciding that the last burger which would have the drug in it would be the one he started with.
                • Murdock, while working as a waiter in an Italian restaurant and standing in for the pizza chef, is held hostage by mobsters who are planning to kill an attorney general due to arrive. When B.A. comes in to order a pizza while unaware of the crisis, the mobsters find out about Murdock's fairly standard attempt to call for help after finding a help request written on a paper napkin. What they didn't know was that the real message was the pizza that B.A. just walked off with, since he wrote 'HELP' on it with anchovies. Bonus points for Murdock probably knowing that B.A. hates anchovies, otherwise he and Hannibal would've eaten the message.
                • Also in "Steel", when Murdock and Face arrive at a construction scene, where Hannibal and B.A. are duking it out with some goons, Face casually takes off his coat, rolls his eyes, and remarks that this should be predictable by now.
                • Averted in "The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas", Gianni Christian's second in command pushes him out a window (we see him plummet into a fountain several stories below) and he's actively reported to be dead. Unfortunately, the A-Team gets blamed for it.
                • Also averted in "Skins". In the opening, park ranger Kim comes upon a group of poachers. When their attempt to bribe him fails, they shoot him, and the viewer sees his body fall to the ground.
                • Related to this, in cases where death would be expected, such as car crashes, there is always a shot of the occupants getting out, apparently unharmed. Made ridiculous with particularly rough crashes, and an exploding helicopter.
                • Murdock did it so well that it was unclear whether or not he actually was so traumatized by Vietnam that he did go insane, he was always like this, or it was all an act to throw people off and to get a free place to live.
                  • One episode had Murdock discharged by his doctor, claiming he was never insane. Without his particular character trait, Murdock essentially spends the episode moping but acting reasonable. When he goes back to the hospital to gather his things, he finds out the doctor had gone insane and was releasing patients because of it. Murdock quickly and happily goes back into the insanity ward, doing so while doing a ham Richard Burton impersonation to boot!
                  • Hannibal, in disguise, contacts the clients of the week.
                  • B.A. says about Murdock, "The fool is crazy." (Or some variation on that.)
                  • The team breaks Murdock out of the insane asylum (until he's released in the final season).
                  • B.A. gets tricked into being drugged so they can put him on a plane.
                  • The team comes up with a plan that's Crazy Enough to Work.
                  • . which involves Face pretending to be someone he's not.
                  • There's a bit of MacGyvering in an A-Team Montage.
                  • . followed by a climactic Final Battle featuring lots of A-Team Firing.
                  • "I love it when a plan comes together."
                  • Other things that tend to happen a lot are Face jumping off the top of a van onto a bad guy, and Hannibal punching someone out and then putting a cigar in his mouth.
                  • Face for the moms. In Season 3, the showrunners seemed determined to show off his arms and legs as much as possible and even gave him his first Shirtless Scene in the season premiere.
                  • Amy and Tawnia for the dads while Amy was a bit more understated as she usually dressed practically for the occasion, Tawnia was more blatant, being always made up for the nines.
                  • In theory, The A-Team are a band of mercenaries who lease their skills out for cash so they can stay on the run. However, they never seem to ever participate in a job that's even slightly shady and they rarely seem to get paid for whatever they do.
                  • Hannibal is a double example. Technically, he has a day job as an actor, but his work with the A-Team means that whenever he's seen around a movie set, he's usually pulled away by some business (much to the dismay of the other people on the set).
                  • B.A. was the unusual protagonist example who'd let the mook get in a good punch or two before smiling, then defenestrating them. Inverted twice when B.A. met a giant Asian mook who could take his punches without flinching.
                  • In "Double Heat", Face tries to punch out the guy who helped the kidnappers nab Jenny when he blocks his path. Unfortunately, the guy doesn't even flinch.
                  • Amy "Triple A" Allen, mid-season 2 with the explanation that she was sent overseas on an important assignment for the paper.
                  • Tawnia beginning season 3, although she was at least given the dignity of being written out properly, as she married an explorer whom the team had rescued previously, and went on an around-the-world all-expenses honeymoon.
                  • Red Herring: In the episode "Moving Targets", the A-Team are hired to protect a sheikh's daughter on her way to her wedding, and the show makes a point of making it seem like the sheikh's head of security Jabar is a double agent, leaking security info to the rebels who want to kidnap the princess. It turns out the inside "man" was Princess Selena herself, since she'd been seduced by the rebel leader, Kalem.
                  • Revenge Before Reason:
                    • General Chow in "Recipe For Heavy Bread." He's one half of a highly profitable heroin smuggling operation, but he's willing to jeopardize the whole thing to get revenge on a cook who helped four prisoners escape from his POW camp ten years ago.
                    • Garber from "There's Always a Catch." Decker, who's made it clear he doesn't like Garber any more than Hannibal, has given him a chance to get away with no repercussions and ordered him to leave town. However, he can't resist stopping by to kill the Mayers and wreck their boat for causing him trouble.
                    • Amy is the one woman in an otherwise entirely male ensemble in season one and half of season two.
                    • Tawnia is the same for the rest of season two and the beginning of season three.
                    • In "There Goes The Neighborhood," the rock star our heroes had to guard was set to be played by Cyndi Lauper, but it fell through.
                    • Syndication Title: The 2-hour Pilot movie was cut to two 45-minute parts in Syndication, and renamed "Mexican Slayride".
                    • Take That!: The character of Joe Skrylow in "There Goes The Neighborhood" is an episode long example aimed at survivalists. His dialog hints at racist, homophobic, and valor stealing tendencies, and the episode shows him to be an insulting, utterly inept, obese Glory Hound, Know-Nothing Know-It-All, who ends up blowing the team's cover when he sees the (false) news that they kidnapped Stevi.
                    • Taking the Bullet: In "Curtain Call", Murdock jumps in front of a villain trying to shoot Hannibal.
                    • Taught by Television: In "A Small And Deadly War" Face mentions that he learned most of his best cons from Dragnet.
                    • Team Dad: Hannibal smiles at (and sometimes plays along with) Murdock's antics like a parent watching their young child act out fantasies, he can keep B. A. under control, and he reminds Face to keep his wandering eye in check and focus on the task at hand. He also has this cute habit of referring to the other members of the A-Team by their military ranks (Captain, Lieutenant, and Sergeant, respectively), even though they've all technically been discharged, and they often refer to him as "Colonel." He always has unwavering faith that his men will get the job done, and his nerves of steel are likelier to be rattled by something threatening Face, B.A., or Murdock than him.
                    • Temporary Substitute: In "Fire", Decker was replaced by Colonel Briggs, who was simply intended to be a one-off character when Decker's actor, Lance LeGault, had a scheduling conflict. Briggs even mimicked all of Decker's mannerisms.
                    • Terrible Artist: Murdock is shown to be actually terrible while undercover as a painter in "Beverly Hills Assault".
                    • Took the Bad Film Seriously: In-universe. Being a fugitive, the best acting jobs Hannibal can get are Z-list People in Rubber Suits roles, yet he treats them as if he's going for an Oscar.
                    • Trash Landing: Several times, brawls end up with the team or some mooks being thrown from high altitudes and their fall being broken by an open dumpster or an open trash fill.
                    • The Triads and the Tongs: "The Maltese Cow", which dealt with a Chinese restaurant being threatened by a Chinese tong.
                    • The Trickster: Murdock in general disobeys normal rules and conventional behavior. Hannibal and Face can also be considered this, to a slightly lesser degree.
                    • Trojan Horse: The team uses one to sneak into an enemy base. The horse was a delivery truck full of whiskey, and the base was a convent which had been taken over by South American guerrillas, who had recently run out of booze.
                    • 21-Gun Salute: One episode has the A-Team step in to give a funeral for one of their old military buddies who had tangled with the Villains of the Week. With Hannibal calling the orders, the other three fire their rifles several times in salute.
                    • Tyrannical Town Tycoon: A majority of the antagonists are rich tycoon jerks who use their business to control the town.
                    • Undercover as Lovers:
                      • Face and Amy in "The White Ballot". In order to complete Face's disguise as Joe Morgan, Hannibal has Amy masquerade as his new wife.
                      • In "Pure-Dee Poison", Hannibal and Tawnia pose as a guy and a girl going out for a drink to get into one of the bars.
                      • What Kept You?: Face and Murdock are often captured or kidnapped, but pretty much always rescue themselves before the rest of the team arrives.
                      • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: B. A.'s fear of flying. He ended up giving one exception in one of the later episodes, when he learned that his mother was attacked by thugs even then, he still had to be sedated within several minutes of flying. In another episode, he decides the cause (getting them pardoned) is enough to go on a plane he still ends up passing out, but it's ambiguous whether they drugged him anyway, or whether he just went comatose (which happened on an early episode where he ended up on a plane).
                      • Wire Dilemma: Played straight in "Lease with an Option to Die". Near the end, Plout's men attach a bomb to the apartment building's boiler. The team arrives before it goes off, but B.A. can't check for sure which wire is the right one to cut, so he has to pick one and hope it's the right one.
                      • Would Hit a Girl:The gang are rescuing a kidnapped woman, Miss Teasdale, from the compound of a militia. She resists them because she's in love with one of her captors (who was her boyfriend beforehand and has begun questioning the group since he realized with what kind of group he was dealing). Since they're in a shoot out, Hannibal just knocks her out (offscreen) before resuming the rescue.
                      • Wrench Whack: "Knights of the Road". When Tyler's men move in on her, Jenny picks up a wrench and swings at them. It ultimately does no good, and one of the men takes the wrench from her to bust up her and her father's tow truck.

                      Video Example(s):

                      Recipe to a Great Ad Campaign

                      Maybe in this last Valentine’s Day you’ve seen #KwentongJollibee (Jollibee stories) and #Jollibee trending online, and wondered what Jollibee is?

                      If you are a Filipino, or have Filipino friends, and maybe even live in a few states that has it, you would know that Jollibee is the Philippine’s equivalent to McDonalds. It is the biggest fast food chain in the country that all Filipinos love.

                      Locally Jollibee has been known to create fun and heartwarming commercials that cater well to their Filipino audience, but this year’s Valentine’s Day ad campaign struck gold in not just in the hearts of their local audience but also got attention worldwide.

                      So without spoiling the experience, here are the three Jollibee long-form commercials:

                      …we will let you take a few deep breaths and dry your eyes first…

                      These three videos have a combined views of over twenty million (the original uploaded videos), hardly viral by today’s standards, but reactions have been very positive, not just locally, but also internationally.

                      A quick search in various social media platforms, you will see thousands of reactions from Filipinos affected by what they call “hugot” commercials or roughly translated as sentimental, emotional, and tugging of the heartstrings commercials.

                      (The cute red anthropomorphic bee is the company’s mascot)

                      So what is it about these commercials that they made such a powerful and emotional impact?

                      Who is your audience?

                      A company should have a clear idea who their audience is. In this case, Jollibee, who have been in the business for over 40 years, know that they cater to the Filipino families, rooted in tradition and family values.

                      And as each of the video openings mentioned, these were all based on real life love stories, apparently shared by their customers as part of their Kwentong Jollibee (Jollibee Stories) series.
                      Similar to all their commercials, the three videos focused on what touches the lives of Filipinos the most – family gatherings, celebrations, homecomings, and in general, LOVE – love to a child, parent, grandparents, friends and partners.

                      What is trending?

                      Knowing the current atmosphere, the latest trend is the bait you need to get your target audience to stop what they are doing and pay attention.

                      #hugot may not be a buzzword around the world, but in the Philippines it has been used in almost anything that elicited “feels”, anything that can make you sigh out of joy or sadness.
                      Director of “Date” Pepe Diokno said in an interview, “The video looks at something that everyone who’s ever been in love has thought about, especially for those already in a relationship.”

                      Jollibee perfectly capitalized on this trend by creating videos that would definitely pull those heartstrings and make their audience start typing #hugot in their posts and tweets.

                      What is your brand image?

                      Keeping up with the trend can tempt you to either go way out of the box, or to blindly follow without any regard to your brand image.

                      What made this series also memorable is that it carries out the Jollibee tradition, the almost trademark family values and love shown in all their ads. The concept was something familiar, but the storytelling was something refreshing and new. Even without the scenes shot inside their stores, or the actors eating their food, the local audience would not mistake it for any other brand – it was a Jollibee story through and through.

                      Make a memorable ad by making them remember it is distinctly you.

                      Simple and Relatable

                      But how did a local brand, from a small country captured the hearts of its international viewers? They were not the target audience, they don’t know who or what Jollibee is, nor the nebulous concept of “hugot.”

                      As Director Diokno shared, “The videos talk about something that we could all relate to.”
                      YouTuber HugKnucklesTV’s reaction after watching the last video of the trilogy, and being brought to tears, summed it all up, “(It was) zero to one hundred on the heartstrings! That was emotional, because that’s real as everything. That’s real life!”

                      They were simple, yet beautifully executed micro-movies that had a clear beginning, cinematic twist, and an end. The music, the shots, the voiceover, and acting were all on-point. A powerful storytelling done in less than three minutes.

                      Jollibee may have perfected their fast food recipe in the 40 years they have been in business that it rivals the international fast food brand McDonalds in their county and this time, with their three-piece Valentine’s Day campaign, they also showed how they have mastered the recipe of creating a great ad campaign to the rest of the world.

                      If you thought KFC and Popeye’s were the only popular chicken chains around, you’d be wrong.

                      Pioneer Chicken actually employed O.J. Simpson as a spokesperson at one point. But, the fast food chain’s downfall happened way before the former football player went to trial. Pioneer Chicken reportedly filed for bankruptcy in 1988. Their 270 locations dwindled down to only two, and both are located in California. So, consider yourself lucky if you’re on the West Coast.

                      Damage limitation

                      When two suspected drug dealers were shot in a hotel parking lot in Florida, in what police believed was a dope deal gone wrong, they did the obvious thing: they sued the hotel. Now a jury has awarded the two men, Jerry Woods from Detroit and Eddie Talley from Georgia, $1.7m (£1m) in damages against the Ramada Inn in Hialeah.

                      The hotel is appealing against the award, arguing that the jury heard only half the story as the judge excluded all references to the alleged drugs deal on the grounds that it would have tainted the case. But the size of the award, and the nature of the circumstances that led to it, have once again raised the question of whether the US is litigation crazy.

                      An organisation called Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (Cala) believes the case is all too typical. It is campaigning for changes in the law regarding civil suits, in light of what members believe is a craziness in the judicial system that damages everyone. Cases to have hit the headlines include that of Alex Hardy, who supposedly fell asleep at the wheel of his Chevrolet in Hayneville, Alabama, in 1996 and was paralysed in the subsequent accident. His lawyers claimed that the car was defective and the jury awarded him £93m, setting a new benchmark for car crash damages.

                      This followed the case in New Mexico of the woman awarded £1.9m in 1994 when an overheated cup of McDonald's coffee was spilled in her lap, and the tricycle manufacturer told to pay £4.5m because its bikes were painted in a colour that supposedly concealed a flaw in the basket on the handlebars.

                      Such cases are featured by the Silicon Valley branch of Cala on its Silly Suit of the Month website. These illustrate a feeling that cynical lawyers are luring litigants into frivolous actions with no merit.

                      Don Wolfe of the San Jose-based branch of Cala, formed in 1996, says its 6,500 members come from all walks of life but share a common concern. "Our courts are not for greed, they are for justice. We need a change in public attitude." Wolfe, a former mayor of Saratoga, says the group's aim is to highlight abuses, lobby legislators and alert judges and juries to the spurious nature of many claims.

                      Everyone who shops or eats out is affected by frivolous litigation, Wolfe argues, because prices in shops and restaurants are increased to deal with insurance to cover bad claims. He says Cala members - who include "clergy, housewives, corporate bodies, grassroots" - believe they have a civic duty to challenge and highlight the abuses. Polls show that 75-80% of the American public felt that civil actions were out of control, he points out.

                      Wolfe claims that too many people seeking compensation are motivated purely by a desire for financial gain and encouraged by attorneys who lead people to believe that large settlements are there for the taking. When talking to groups of local Rotarians about the campaign, he often cites his local Yellow Pages, which lists four pages of accountants, eight pages of engineers, 35 pages of doctors and 123 pages of attorneys. "Many of their advertisements are just screaming at you."

                      Groups such as Cala, which started in Texas in 1990, and the Texas civil justice league have campaigned against high civil-suit settlements in the state which used to be known as the "lawsuit capital of America". In one famous case, a jury had awarded a rancher £5.3m after a bull died in a reaction to insecticide.

                      Governor and presidential candidate George W Bush championed attacks on "lawsuit abuse" when he ran for governor. Cala ran effective poster campaigns with the slogan: "Class action abuse - pennies for us, millions for lawyers." The effort has hit home. Following tort reform legislation in 1996, which was backed by Bush and which capped awards and made it more difficult to sue, successes for plaintiffs in civil actions have fallen from 69% to 18% in the state.

                      The Houston director of Cala, Jon Opelt, says: "We don't lobby or make contributions to candidates, we talk to the general public." His members include "people who have been sued and who want to express themselves in a positive way rather than acting out of anger". Although the legal changes in Texas have cut the number of frivolous cases, there are still enough "eye-popping" ones to make his group's work necessary, he says. Other Cala branches exist in New Jersey, West Virginia, and throughout Texas and California.

                      Not everyone agrees that lawsuit abuse is a serious problem. Barry Glassner, professor of sociology at the University of Southern California, decided to examine some of the more notorious cases when researching his book, The Culture Of Fear, published earlier this year. The 81-year-old woman who had to go into hospital twice and had painful skin grafts as a result of the scalding hot McDonald's coffee, had her award reduced to £300,000 on appeal. The story made the front pages throughout the US and was widely reported in Britain, yet the appeal result was carried in fewer than half the media outlets that covered the original story.

                      The paint colour of the tricycle which also received much coverage turned out to be a peripheral issue picked on by the media. The child who suffered as a result of the tricycle's serious design flaws was left with severe brain damage, but his family saw the £4.5m reduced to a fraction of the original amount.

                      Glassner's research showed that in the 25 years between 1965 and 1990 juries had awarded more than $10m (£6.5m) in only 35 cases. His study led to him to conclude that in many cases, corporations and skilled public-relations advisers were using unwitting reporters to spread propaganda against civil suits and the sort of liabilities that companies should rightly face.

                      A separate study in the 75 largest counties in the US, conducted by the national centre for state courts, found that only 364 of the 762,000 cases, or 0.047%, ended in what could genuinely be termed as punitive damages - huge awards designed to punish corporate wrongdoers. But, argue Glassner and some legal commentators, the reductions in awards and the tiny success rate of civil suits do not receive the sort of coverage that lawyers and plaintiffs get when the jury makes a major award. They cite one Texas case in which a jury had awarded £26.5m damages against an oil company following the death of a worker in an explosion. This was reduced - again with less publicity - to £125,000.

                      In another case, in Philadelphia in 1986, a psychic who supposedly lost her powers after having taken the wrong medication won £625,000, and the case was reported amid much mirth the overturning of the award on appeal, leaving the plaintiff with nothing, received far less coverage. Don Wolfe of Cala accepts that some awards are reduced, but says settlements are still ludicrously high and set a high benchmark for would-be litigants.

                      The additional question of lawyers' fees in such big civil actions also received front-page treatment when it emerged recently that lawyers had sought £1.25bn for winning the state of Massachusetts £5.2bn in settlement of an action brought against the tobacco companies, one of a series brought to recover the cost of treating smoking-related illnesses. A panel of independent arbitrators eventually awarded the lawyers £485m, but the case has only added to the public perception that many civil suits are fuelled by the voracious appetites of the hated legal class on the "pennies for us - millions for lawyers" basis.

                      So concerned are some lawyers with their public image as ambulance-chasing sharks that some legal bodies have turned to the techniques of corporate advertising to change public perception. The Louisiana bar association has produced a six-minute video, "Louisiana lawyers - enriching Louisiana life", which shows some of their members counselling Aids patients and warning children about the dangers of drug abuse. The Ohio bar has even produced a television commercial portraying their members as caring for the sick and injured, and protecting people.

                      More effective, perhaps, is the portrayal of lawyers in hit TV series such as The Practice and Law And Order, in which some of the old heroic stances of legendary TV legal series like Perry Mason and The Defenders are echoed. But the legal profession is aware that it takes just one case of a couple of dope dealers winning a £1m legal lottery to turn that carefully nurtured image around again. Maybe they should sue.

                      Banned Additives

                      The food and chemical industries have said for decades that all food additives are well tested and safe. And most additives are safe. However, the history of food additives is riddled with additives that, after many years of use, were found to pose health risks. Those listed below have been banned. The moral of the story is that when someone says that all food additives are well tested and safe you should take their assurances with a grain of salt.

                      AdditiveFunctionProblem (Year Banned)
                      Artificial Colorings:
                      Butter yellowartificial coloringToxic, later found to cause liver cancer (1919)
                      Green 1artificial coloringLiver cancer (1965)
                      Green 2artificial coloringInsufficient economic importance to be tested (1965)
                      Orange 1artificial coloringOrgan damage (1956)
                      Orange 2artificial coloringOrgan damage (1960)
                      Orange Bartificial coloringContained low levels of a cancer-causing contaminant. Orange B was used only in sausage casings to color sausages, but is no longer used in the United States (1978, ban never finalized).
                      Red 1artificial coloringLiver cancer (1961)
                      Red 2artificial coloringPossible carcinogen (1976)
                      Red 4artificial coloringHigh levels damaged adrenal cortex of dog after 1965 it was used only in maraschino cherries and certain pills it is still allowed in externally applied drugs and cosmetics (1976).
                      Red 32artificial coloringDamages internal organs and may be a weak carcinogen since 1956 it continues to be used under the name Citrus Red 2 only to color oranges (2 ppm) (1956).
                      Sudan 1artificial coloringToxic, later found to be carcinogenic (1919).
                      Violet 1artificial coloringCancer (it had been used to stamp the Department of Agriculture’s inspection mark on beef carcasses) (1973).
                      Yellow 1 & 2artificial coloringIntestinal lesions at high dosages (1959).
                      Yellow 3artificial coloringHeart damage at high dosages (1959).
                      Yellow 4artificial coloringHeart damage at high dosages (1959).
                      Artificial Flavorings:
                      Benzophenoneartificial flavoring (floral or basalm)Cancer (2018)
                      Ethyl acrylateartificial flavoring (fruity)Cancer (2018)
                      Methyl eugenolartificial flavoring (spicy)Cancer (2018)
                      Myrceneartificial flavoring (spicy)Cancer (2018)
                      Pulegoneartificial flavoring (minty)Cancer (2018)
                      Pyridineartificial flavoring (sour)Cancer (2018)
                      Styreneartificial flavoring (floral or basalm)No longer used (also causes cancer) (2018)
                      Other Additives:
                      agene (nitrogen trichloride) flour bleaching and aging agent Dogs that ate bread made from treated flour suffered epileptic-like fits the toxic agent was methionine sulfoxime (1949).
                      cinnamyl anthranilateartificial flavoringLiver cancer (1982)
                      cobalt saltsstabilize beer foamToxic effects on heart (1966)
                      coumarinnatural flavoringLiver poison (1970)
                      cyclamateartificial sweetenerBladder cancer, damage to testes now not thought to cause cancer directly, but to increase the potency of other carcinogens (1969).
                      diethyl pyrocarbonate (DEPC)preservative (beverages)Combines with ammonia to form urethane, a carcinogen (1972)
                      dulcin (p-ethoxy-phenylurea)artificial sweetenerLiver cancer (1950)
                      ethylene glycolsolventKidney damage (1998)
                      monochloroacetic acidpreservativeHighly toxic (1941)
                      nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA)plant-derived antioxidantKidney damage (1968 by FDA, 1971 by USDA)
                      oil of calamusnatural flavoringIntestinal cancer (1968)
                      partially hydrogenated vegetable oilshortening/frying oil2015 ban (2018 compliance deadline)
                      polyoxyethylene-8-stearate (Myrj 45)emulsifierHigh levels caused bladder stones and tumors (1952)
                      safrolenatural flavoring (root beer)Liver cancer (1960)
                      thioureapreservativeLiver cancer (c. 1950)

                      “Own Nothing and Be Happy”: The Great Reset’s Vision of the Future World Economic Forum’s video tells us about the plans for humanity in the year 2030 Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest WhatsApp vKontakte Email

                      Unlike the Guardian we are NOT funded by Bill & Melinda Gates, or any other NGO or government. So a few coins in our jar to help us keep going are always appreciated.

                      Our Bitcoin JTR code is: 1JR1whUa3G24wXpDyqMKpieckMGGW2u2VX

                      Sounds like these people do not understand Patriotism in The United States and what can be done to them. The end of this planet is very near and the person that they will answer too is not scared of them.

                      In the end rich or poor, elite or not, nothing is owned when we exit life’s door!

                      Sorry to go on about this again, but this website has a more recent article (30/01/21) with ‘Great Reset’ in it’s title and doesn’t even mention directly the WEF and previous accusations from this article.

                      What does that tell you? Maybe this article was piffle after all?

                      I look forward to responses, particularly to my previous comment.

                      Stay safe from what, Poephol. Rhetorical. The virus is a hoax, and you are a bought and sold disinformation peddler, your handlers no doubt pleased with your ‘Big Brother loves you, so love Big Brother’ shtick.

                      I have made several posts below regarding this article and the majority of your comments completely contradicting the latest WEF 2021 report and indeed their website/values since inception.

                      I have also explained what I believe the video means that you are all so ‘excited’ about.

                      In particular (but not restricted to) the WEF message is to Tax Tech companies and ensure it’s also distributed to Poor countries/Upskilling/Fight against Climate Change/Reduce gap between Poor and Rich etc.

                      Indeed, the above is in complete contrast to what you guys think the WEF are trying to do.

                      Despite some replies, some of them quite dismissive and rude rather than explaining why I am wrong I will ask the following questions: (Feel free to answer once you have read the WEF 2021 report):

                      • If article is correct, why does WEF 2021 report completely contradict?
                      • If adamant WEF will do as Video/Article suggests, when will they actually enact something to confirm this?
                      • When and What is the 1st stage?
                      • How long are you guys willing to wait until you admit you are wrong?

                      At the moment, they ARE trying to do what is in WEF 2021 report. And as it stands you people are ironically sadly slowing them down doing it by shouting your uncollaborated messages!

                      Look forward to meaningful/credible/intelligent replies.

                      “ You will own nothing and be happy “.
                      Right up there with “ Freedom is slavery “.

                      Not one person has replied to me regarding this video and me suggesting it’s a meant to be a prediction if nothing is done/changed. Also advising to read the recently published 2021 WEF report on their own website, with no ‘big reset’ and lots of good stuff in it to help climate change and poor people out.

                      So comment somebody please.

                      I think the author of this article and you lot need to apologise to the WEF!

                      climate change is a globalist scam, number 1. 2, they openly talk about the great reset in the wef page, just look it up. of course they make it sound nice, why wouldn’t they? Wake the hell up

                      Any reset talked about in the WEF 21 report is about reducing the gap between rich and poor as well as taxing the big IT tech companies to ensure its dispersed to poor countries also. All this stuff is exactly what the WEF shows on homepage and promoted since inception.

                      Where in report do they contradict themselves that backs up your theory? When is the WEF going to start all that you purport? What’s the 1st stage? When?

                      Look forward to your response.

                      Greta puppet Scumberg, quit posting as Paul (Poephol) and take your climate change hoax and shove it where the sun don’t shine, you Big Brother bought and sold swine.

                      That should be “human-caused climate change’ is a globalist scam. Climate change has always happened and always will

                      oh dear Paul you are the one getting it soooooo wrong there is nothing being planned by the WEF thats “GOOD” climate change does not exist its a natural pattern like the ice-age or things would of gone tits during industrial revolution when there was thick smog. Its all a scam you need to wake up. Help the poor people out mmmmm like Bill Gates helped the poor people of India and Africa out with his dodgy vaccine killing loads and disabling more, I bet you have willingly had your vaccination and will be front of the queue for more. Good luck with that. They just want control and the way things are going and people like you thinking they are being helpful they will get it. I just hope there’s more people like me willing to stand up for our freedoms before its too late. Check your facts!

                      Yes,I have seen this video. It is a prediction and what can poss happen if government’s etc. around the world do not do as WEF suggests in their 2021 report. Primarily climate disaster resulting in dire knock on effects. Have you read it?

                      Paul sorry you need to wake up as governments round the world are all in on it. Sorry to ruin your day but thats the truth

                      So what happened? Video link non-existant. And 2021 WEF report completely contradicts this article.

                      Well at least you aren’t blaiming socialism. Automation will drop costs sure, but what will people do then? I mean

                      Where can I find this WEF promo video.

                      It didn’t exist. See WEF 2021 report. Completely contradicts this article.

                      Guess your too big of a knob to do a basic search and find that this did exist

                      Yes,I have seen this video. It is a prediction and what can poss happen if government’s etc. around the world do not do as WEF suggests in their 2021 report. Primarily climate disaster resulting in dire knock on effects. Have you read it?

                      If government for hundreds of years couldn’t bring about change… how is the WEF going to do it? Do they really care about the poor masses? The age old tradition is to look after the ruling class, the WEF meet at Davos, that’s elitism right there. What the WEF espouse in that video looks like another political party broadcast to me. Behind every action is a motive what there’s is the real question.

                      yes the video does exist or at least, did

                      Dear World Economic Forum,

                      A long articulated explanation of why you are the most dangerous sort of organisation on th eplanet would be elegant and more productive, but in th eend, it would boil down to a simple recommednation. So I have made it easier for you to read: Fuck you!
                      Thank you sirs.

                      You didn’t actually believe this article did you? See WEF 2021 report on their website

                      Yes,I have seen this video. It is a prediction and what can poss happen if government’s etc. around the world do not do as WEF suggests in their 2021 report. Primarily climate disaster resulting in dire knock on effects. Have you read it?

                      “Yes,I have seen this video. It is a prediction and what can poss happen if government’s etc. around the world do not do as WEF suggests in their 2021 report.”

                      No this video is clearly NOT as you attempt to spin it. No matter how things are spun in the 2021 report, this video (along with a post, from the same year as the video, at the WEF’s page) was meant to PROMOTE the conditions described in the video. It was obviously intended to hijack and instrumentalize the misguided/naive idealism of the young.

                      So you’re either an idiot or a liar (or both).

                      From the WEF’s own page (emphases mine):

                      For more information watch the What If: Privacy Becomes a Luxury Good? session from the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2017.
                      Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city – or should I say, “our city”. I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes.

                      It might seem odd to you, but it makes perfect sense for us in this city. Everything you considered a product, has now become a service. We have access to transportation, accommodation, food and all the things we need in our daily lives. One by one all these things became free, so it ended up not making sense for us to own much.

                      First communication became digitized and free to everyone. Then, when clean energy became free, things started to move quickly. Transportation dropped dramatically in price. It made no sense for us to own cars anymore, because we could call a driverless vehicle or a flying car for longer journeys within minutes. We started transporting ourselves in a much more organized and coordinated way when public transport became easier, quicker and more convenient than the car. Now I can hardly believe that we accepted congestion and traffic jams, not to mention the air pollution from combustion engines. What were we thinking?

                      Sometimes I use my bike when I go to see some of my friends. I enjoy the exercise and the ride. It kind of gets the soul to come along on the journey. Funny how some things seem never seem to lose their excitement: walking, biking, cooking, drawing and growing plants. It makes perfect sense and reminds us of how our culture emerged out of a close relationship with nature.

                      In our city we don’t pay any rent, because someone else is using our free space whenever we do not need it. My living room is used for business meetings when I am not there.

                      Once in awhile, I will choose to cook for myself. It is easy – the necessary kitchen equipment is delivered at my door within minutes.Since transport became free, we stopped having all those things stuffed into our home. Why keep a pasta-maker and a crepe cooker crammed into our cupboards? We can just order them when we need them.

                      Sorry but my comment still stands. The videos and articles are simply predicting what will happen if we do nothing or natural tech evolution/famine due to climate change. Read WEF 21 report and/or ask them.

                      And Jimmy Savile’s donations to hospitals obviously reflected a deep concern for the wellbeing of children.

                      I hope whoever is paying to write this drivel is giving you a decent wage. My advice would be to invest in gold.

                      Kill yourself, you globalist cunt.

                      Watch the movie Bitter Seeds. It is Loansharks that landgrab the lands of Indian farmers who have been committing suicide and at incredible rate. Forced to huge Monsanto GM seeds, and the old traditonal seeds no longer available. Forcing farmers to loan money to buy these seeds. no increased harvest, no money to pay off the loan with a promise to then hand over their ancestral land. Coca Cola meanwhile replacing the expensive pest combatants, and said to work better. Also forced to buy fertilizer. Left overs of BT cotton after harvest traditionally eaten on the fields by lambs, are so deadly they kill the lamb. So what is on eating if eating BT seeds. And the owning nothing a total scam. Since Lenin the top partymembers corrupt and owning/confiscating everything. Putin the richest man on earth. He built himself a huge castle near the Black Sea.

                      What is the answer to stopping these maniacs?

                      You didn’t believe this article did you? No video. Quotes taken out of context. Suggest you read from horses mouth WEF 2021 report on their website. Thank you

                      Yes, Paul, and Hitler’s early 1930s speeches declaring his desire for “peace” clearly reflected his deeply felt pacifism.

                      “Stay safe”, and don’t forget to wear a mask. Your employers will be happy with you.

                      We already own nothing. now i have to join some community for that?

                      So, let me in all humbleness just show two links, videos, without further explanations, apart from some few points, for once, this videos dont fill up the usual giberish about China, witch this days is making hughe progresses regaring the eastern nations incl Korea, Japan and amasing enough, Australia, yeah, what happened, did they find an inch of comon sense, forget the drivel the Yankikes are yapping all over the place, from whatever this braindead sheeps claim is socialism (you know, venezuela etc), jesus they know nothing to communism witch where they indeed show aboslutelly an destert of knowledge, totaly empty, and if you use your brain for an second, i wouldnt hold my breath for that, but, the sole reason for your problems lies inside your own countrys elite and their minions, and is by large an product of your Gov, nobody else, to then blame China is an dead end, China, witch I knew would rise, despite been down for some few centurys is coming up to the place they deserve, as an economic empire, and they way they conduct them selfs demands respect, and they have it from me, India is an basket case, and the moron in charge is nothing but an Yankike assliker, and will achive nothing, as the present path.
                      But in the end, its Indias problem.

                      So, in the after math of the last Davos, I read something in an site witch for me was unbelivable, more like the 100 Monkey theorem, than anything else, to day, I know that what I read was indeed genuine, from an person witch I couldnt belive did this, in my own arogance I dismissed the enitre writing as “to good to be true”.
                      I apologise for been wrong.
                      Yup, dead wrong.
                      So, I give you this two videos, you may watch em in the sequence presented, but both are highly recomended, again, I dont fully agrees, but it will be much more sane than what we have right now, when we are stearing straight into the barrels on an cannon, this two videos attacks the same problem.
                      D. Trumps speach in Davos.
                      And the reason they hate him, and in this there are some gems, you simply cant miss.

                      This time, its the real thing, its either freedom or slavery.
                      And I am not joking.

                      For the record, Schwab means cockroach in Czech …

                      It may point to ethnic conflict because it also means “Swabian”, a subset of the Germans who often settled in central and eastern Europe.

                      Interesting. I wasn’t aware of that. I’ve been to that region, Augsburg in particular. Nice country. I went there to see an awesome luthier ….

                      Buba-shvaba means cockroach in Yugoslavia

                      The German-speaking Liebgott in Band Of Brothers was sometimes thought to be Jewish but his family were apparently Danube Swabians who emigrated to the USA. He seems to have been the unit psycho. Ironically there were such Danube Swabians in some Waffen-SS units too.

                      This sounds perfectly plausible. But once these oligarchs have everything in their possession and all processes have been automated and mechanized, why would they keep the rest of us around?
                      Oh, I suppose they might need a vanishingly tiny number of us for certain tasks, but the great bulk of humanity would be useless.

                      Wouldn’t a quicker route to this wonderful future (for them) more rationally begin with pushing the bulk of the population to extinction, something like what’s happening now with US “deaths of despair” (not that this is necessarily part of a plan, but it might be)?

                      “why would they keep the rest of us around?”

                      Exactly. They could only dream it (a la HG Wells and George Bernard Shaw) in the late 19th, early 20th century, when they still needed lots of human robots to build and maintain industry it was only sometime during the 󈨊s, when industrial robots became a thing, that TFIC felt THE DREAM was beginning to be in reach. Then the micro-chip, super-computing revolution sealed the deal. And the push toward pushing the surly, seething bulk of us Serfs off the planet began in earnest. I imagine the details of The Great Reset scheme can only be a few decades old.

                      UPDATE: Gadget sourced the original vid: CONFIRMED

                      I was happily proven WRONG and this video is LEGITIMATE (produced and posted by WEF):

                      At the Intersection of Equity and Happiness (hitching a free lift to Utopia)
                      Cultural Learnings of America for make benefit Glorious Nation

                      They don’t need the population anymore. They have reached what they called “The Limits To Growth“. The fourth industrial revolution ushers in the new economy which is based on biometric surveillance, data collection and constant health monitoring, resulting in liquidation of assets. Assets equals people and their property.

                      First they collapse the economy with a fake virus. Next they induce nation state bankruptcies and food shortages. After that, the IMF grants UBI, but only if you get on the Vaxx-ecution program and agree to relinquish all assets and property forever.

                      They are collecting your assets while they murder you.

                      The people behind the Great Reset are the same group behind the Club of Rome and the Spiral Report and Global 2000 Report outlining the necessity for massive depopulation.

                      They despise humanity. These are the bankers, politicians and Industrialists who profiteer by killing civilians through unnecessary wars and sickening the rest purposefully with vaccines, fluoride, drugs, GMOs, pollution and radiation exposure.

                      I would add though that the vaccine itself could be the way they’ll trigger the genocide. Maybe combined with 5G or whatever mechanism.

                      That’s why they’ll make it compulsory.

                      That’s why anti-vaxxers have been so demonised for the last 2-3 decades.

                      And if the vaccines do contain nanoparticles, and if it’s true that it could be remote controlled using electromagnetic waves to influence human body and psyche, we may see 5G-controlled cyborgs soon. Or lots and lots of sick people. Or dead bodies.

                      The Club of Rome’s Limits To Growth report was and is quite correct that humans have grossly overpopulated the Earth and we are in a state of overshoot that can only end with collapse and die-off. Attempting to help humanity understand this threat in order to avoid widespread destruction and suffering is a noble quest.
                      Unfortunately most people are lemmings who happily listen to fools who tell them that we can disrupt and consume nature at an exponential rate on a finite planet. We are cursed to only learn the most important lessons the hard way.

                      “The Club of Rome’s Limits To Growth report was and is quite correct that humans have grossly overpopulated the Earth and we are in a state of overshoot that can only end with collapse and die-off.”

                      Utter nonsense and toxic brainwashing from the Completely Objective, Not-Serving-The Powerful-At All, Club of Rome: the wealthiest “top” of the planet consume 10,000X what the poorest consume, and the poorest consume only to survive (and often recycle materials for maximum use/ minimum waste)… whereas the transnational wealthy consume frivolously, irresponsibly and ultra-extravagantly (golf, anyone? jetskis? luxury hotels? international business-oriented jet travel? island resorts? All-Terrain Vehicles? Mega-Yachts? Private planes? million-acre estates? penthouse swimming pools? fully-staffed vacation villas? Royal Palaces and related estates and preserves and hunting grounds? ET AL). Bill Gates’ annual energy-costs alone could feed a Third World City for that year. Is any of that ever mentioned in any of the Alarmist Propaganda about a “grossly overpopulated” Earth? Of course not. The planet is grossly overpopulated with billionaires but the billionaires own/ control all possible media venues for disseminating such a crucial piece of enlightenment so… yeah. I guess we’re just forced to believe and recycle absolutely illogical propaganda instead. Not.

                      As Gandhi said: There’s enough for everyone’s need, but not everyone’s greed.

                      I am not a Gandhi fan. There were some pretty deep contradictions in his stances. He was preaching holy poverty while staying on the grounds of Birla House, which happened to be owned by one of the wealthiest people in India. A genuine beggar would have been beaten with lathis and driven off but the rich had no problem with Gandhi. After all, he was no preacher of class conflict…

                      “He was preaching holy poverty while staying on the grounds of Birla House, which happened to be owned by one of the wealthiest people in India”

                      Oh, that was the least of Gandhi’s hypocrisies:

                      And what he did to his wife…!

                      Still, that’s a damn good quote: “There’s enough for everyone’s need, but not everyone’s greed.”

                      Very relevant to these “Overpopulation”-obsessed times.

                      Most of the world is uninhabited by humans. Most of the arable land on earth is not developed and not farmed. There are solutions to all the problems we face environmentally and economically, yet the profiteers continue to create and exacerbate the problems because they are psychopaths.

                      The Club of Rome is sponsored by the same criminal cabal who polluted the world with heavy metals, carcinogens, radiation, filled the oceans with degrading plastics and oil spills, polluted ground water with fracking chemicals, released methane and caused earthquakes, added fluoride and microfibers from synthetic clothes to the water supply, raze forests for mining, logging and biomass, sickened and murdered children with unsafe vaccines and who are using HAARP and DEW to set fires, create hurricanes, typhoons and cause droughts.

                      Perhaps those who think the world is overpopulated should be the first to volunteer to help depopulate.

                      You’re completely mistaken… The planet is an intrinsic part of the unbounded and infinite energy field and we just need to transform the parasitic dominant culture which has lost sight of the reciprocity which was cultivated by indigenous people for 10’s thousands of years… Liberate our consciousness from the limited perspective of materialistic science and the very narrow bandwidth of the 5 senses, which have led us into a fear driven culture which believes that we need to grasp and possess as much as we can to be a success and feel secure… At any cost to the environment… There is more than enough land for everybody to have a place to live and land to grow food, and the technology exists for everybody to produce their own genuinely green energy for free.

                      Who the fvck are you to come here and spew such a vile, disgusting, pathetically rehearsed propagandized bullshit in response to comments posted by real, live soul-people with spirits who are truly concerned about the plight of all people generally in this far beyond messed up Realm of Utter Darkness formerly known as the World We Lived In. The fact that you are in complete agreement with The Great Reset and its Final Solution all planned out for us by The Psychopathic Demonic Reptile People ruling over us tells me you are way out of your league here and have absolutely no business whatever trying to spread your “compassionate culling of the profane who have severely over-populated our world and drained all of its resources beyond repair while the poor Powers That Be tried to get us to stop and have been warning us for decades this was gonna happen” idiotology. Do you really BELIEVE the things you say here or are you an energy savaging shill for the NWO? How much are you paid to shill for them or do you do it just for shits and giggles? Or, DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THE AGIT-PROP YOU DARED TO SERVE UP TO US? I expect an answer from you since you have balls huge enough to come here and tell us all we deserve to die because your Masters said so.

                      If what you say is true then why haven’t you killed yourself for the good of the Earth and Humanity?

                      I have to say that such an attitude is sometimes present among online critics of what is going on. For example, on Unz a certain Mark Tapley refers repeatedly to “the livestock” being led up the garden path over Covid, the New World Order and so on. I have seen Tapley get interviewed on Press TV and suchlike and he is almost a caricature idea of a conspiracy theorist. It is as though Tapley despises “the livestock” for not listening to people like him, but Mr Charisma he ain’t.

                      “The livestock” being the same kind of language used in the Bilderberg white paper, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

                      I’ve never heard of Tapley, but I did take a quick look at Unz about a month back after seeing someone here mention it, and determined the owner of the site was pushing false narratives such as the nation vs nation theory.

                      Somebody quoted from this movie, down-thread, and so I began watching it to remind myself about it. The script was written for adults in 1976, meaning it requires an IQ of 200 to watch it in 2020. What seemed merely clever, insightful and satirically hyperbolic to me then feels like a dense almanac of practical info now. If you know how to extrapolate from its nuances, the script predicted Howard Stern, it predicated CNN, it predicted Oprah, it predicted 9/11, it predicted BLM, it predicted Bezos and Gates and Obama and Trump and it predicted The Great Reset: goddam, Chayefsky was something!

                      Check out my new site The Lesser Reset

                      Evolution is not a one-way street.

                      This is just the hunter-gatherer (Socialist) mindset reasserting itself. As Mencken stated:

                      Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.

                      Any views on Dominic Cummings going? I was surprised Boris Johnson hung onto him this long as he did not cover himself in glory during the spring.

                      how good your memory ?
                      resigned from the position isvery seller able to the gullible (general public)
                      Amber rudd resigned
                      Priti Patel resigned within 6 /12 month they got another position IMPORTANT part they can still be paid a consultation fee and there usual allowances which is virtually unlimited expenses and MP pay during the process.

                      Really cheap marketing which is very seller able to the gullible (general public)
                      sad thing about it in 6 months time the general public mostly would of forgotten.

                      Oh, I am sure he won’t be begging for change outside a London Underground station.
                      And my memory is pretty good, since you ask.

                      Hmmmm. As I wrote below:

                      …I’m beginning to think this video is a hoax, or a satire that has been copy-pasted out of context, or even a “Snopes Trap” (“Q: is it true that there’s a video from the WEF saying we’ll all have no possessions in 2030 and be happy?” A: NOPE, JUST ANOTHER UTTERLY UNTRUSTWORTHY TROOTHER HOAX, MA’AM!”).

                      I’ve searched through kilometers of content on WEF Facebook (as far back as Nov 10, which took some effort) and there’s no sign of this video. If we spread this vid and it’s a hoax, that would undermine our credibility at a time during which credibility is crucial, no?

                      Not sure this is a HOAX, as such. Is it published by the WEF, probably not. But does the video content reflect the views of members of WEF?

                      The footnote on the opening screen of “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy” states “Based on the input of members of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Councils.”

                      For instance number one on the list, is as linked in the article above, leads to the article on the WEF site: “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better” from November 2016.

                      Pick each statement and research for that point of view on the WEF site. If the content is on the WEF site, and it’s not being misrepresented in the video, what’s the problem.

                      My problem is that if we frame this video as a “dramatization of material posted on the WEF site in 2016” it loses most of its power to horrify… but if it’s presented (as it was actually presented) as having been posted on the WEF twitter account, the presentation is undermined by deception. We have to be scrupulous and exacting in our arguments, and evidence, against a powerful Enemy which is ready, at all times, to make us appear to be ridiculous.

                      This disclaimer is disingenuously ambiguous: “Based on the input of members of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Councils.” What do they mean by “input”? It implies that these members contributed directly to the video’s production.

                      The fake url “linking” to the “short video” is dishonest (the inference is that the video was hurriedly retracted the fact is that it was never posted there) and gilds the lily with that Orwellian four-digit suffix, which you and I know many Dissidents will make far too much of, thinking it’s a clue of some sort:

                      The Enemy are sociopathic liars I don’t think we should go down the Lie path at all. We won’t have a leg to stand on if we do.

                      It’s presented without a disclaimer over at Global Research, too:

                      UPDATE: I was WRONG, this vid is NOT a Hoax! Again: many thanks to GADGET for sourcing it to its original

                      Fro memory, I think it came about from the wayback machine as it was scrubbed from WEF’s own website. I think from James Corbett or another recent video by such activists. Try that. If so it will still be on there.

                      Do we now agree it’s legit?

                      You can edit those hoax comments now…

                      You’ve done me a HUGE favor and I appreciate it! The fact that this video is genuine is PERFECT! Thanks!

                      How about this. We know the great reset is basically the UN Agenda 20 30 on steroids. If you have looked in to agenda 21 and agenda 20 30 the great reset is another evolution of those agendas. The WEF and the UN signed a pact to work together on this. We were called conspiracy theorists and told agenda 20 30 was a fairy tale. But, i happened to come across this.
                      Note the Logo on the front of the document on that link. You will see most world leaders wearing a pin badge of that logo.
                      That document is from 2017, but after the Davos meeting in 2020 our “leaders” are wearing that badge.

                      I’ve learned a lot on the topic since November of last year here’s a video from Alison McDowell, going into ALL that Agenda 2030 material in great detail:

                      And here’s a very good anti-Blockchain comment from her Facebook page:

                      In preparation for an offensive siege on a city, an attacking army will prepare thoroughly. It will plan in advance many steps required to bring the opposing force’s knees to the ground. All roads leading to the city are blocked. No one can enter or leave the city. The water supply is cut off. Food, goods, medical supplies and services cannot reach the citizens of the city. All power gets shut down. Major communication systems are disabled. Life for the citizens is intolerable and in time they eventually capitulate and surrender.

                      Now imagine a world controlled by a small group of people with the extreme power to control the flow of goods, services and other resources around the world. They have the ability to dictate to governments around the world to impose certain health mandates. They have the power to require passes for travel. To have people locked down in their homes. They have the power to tell retailers to not honor cash nor entry into their premises if patrons are not meeting “recommended” mandates. This small group of people control the networks of commerce.

                      Now imagine that banks through out the world have completely transitioned to central bank digital currencies (CBDC). They issue credit (tokens) to the citizens of their respective nations. This CBDC is a smart contract (or smart currency) based on distributed autonomous organizational (DAO) blockchains. If you are a good citizen with a good social credit score and follow rules, you are allowed to purchase good and services with your newly minted digital CBDC currency.

                      Now imagine, you are a rebel, a freedom fighter, and have opted to not use the authoritarian currency CBDC. Instead, you have chosen to live life off the grid. You have purchased land and have invested in an array of assets such as gold, silver and cryptocurrency. Realizing that gold and silver are not easy mediums to do everyday transactions with, you have mostly invested in crypto. You are absolutely sure that your crypto is free from government interference. You have made a fortune from it and are doing the things others cannot, buy goods and services peer-to-peer. Things look good until unforeseen disaster strikes!

                      Your authoritarian adversaries have been preparing for you as well. They are the age-old experts of finance, psychology and warfare. And you have not been overlooked.

                      They have decided to lay a precise and calculated siege on you, like they have done to cities for thousands of years. They take control of all lanes, seas and roads to goods and services and place them on the blockchain. Nothing can be bought or sold unless from the supply chain they control and own, which is now all blockchain based.

                      They have sent out notices to all venders to reprogram their automated vending machines to only accept CBDC currency. Effectively cutting you off from buying goods and other resources.

                      They have gained control of the crypto exchanges by granting them bank status, but with an understanding that they must honor state regulations and mandates. Failure to honor the mandates can be a steep fine or forfeiture of license. So, the crypto exchanges follow the mandates of delisting certain coins and refusing to convert crypto currencies from one type to another or to CBDC. So if you have amassed a wealth of money with your crypto and try to convert it to CBDC, it will be rejected, as outlined by automated smart-contract DAO algorithms.

                      Mandates from non-governmental institutions will “ask” that business owners and home owner and rent-owners require all business be performed with CBDC only. Power and utility companies will only honor CBDC. Cloud Servers will only transact with CBDC. Failure to do so will be rewarded with a punishment and low ESG credit score.

                      Immediately people panic and try to sell their cryptos, and there are no buyers. No liquidity. The public cryptocurrency market panics and a melt down begins. Before the month is over, the entire independent public crypto market has collapsed, leaving people with crypto “penniless”.

                      No mining servers needed to be hijacked. No 51% server attack necessary. No hacking of wallets required. No hacking of hashes on the blockchain required. No nefarious forks of the chain needed. No bribing of miners. No EMPing of servers. No destruction of any equipment.

                      All that was needed was to lay down a siege. Block all pathways to goods. Tell ALL private-public partnerships and institutions to act in unison, and march in alignment and follow through on mandates as outlined from a class of development goals from higher up.

                      Over time, all transportation, agriculture, finance, tech, water resources, medicine, production lines, etc. became owned and controlled by public-private institutions. This small group was then able to lay siege on any organization or movement it deemed threatening, including the rebel crypto community by controlling the roadways to life!

                      With AI, surveillance, facial recognition, sound recognition, gait recognition, automated vehicles (smart cars), automated drone home delivery systems, automated vending machines, biotech surveillance, etc., there was no way to hide and avoid transactions with CBDC.

                      With no faith in independent public crypto, people capitulated and surrendered to CBDC and began to eat again. It was not a hard transition because the crypto supporters had already helped support and create the infrastructure needed for the technocratic world. Albeit their rations now consisted of delicious artificially flavored GMO manufactured insect patties. Full of so much protein!

                      The moral of the story is “the road to insect patties is blockchain”. Yuck!

                      Watch the video: Scary BANNED McDonalds Ad! (July 2022).


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